TapouT XT Schedule

By on November 20, 2014

If you are ready to have the body of your dreams, you have to be reedy to work harder than you ever have in your life. TapouT XT is the toughest, most extreme workout there is. Only the tough minded can survive this MMA inspired workout program. But, if you get through you will be rewarded with a lean, mean, butt-kicking machine. To help you get through all three phases and all twelve weeks is the TapouT XT Schedule.


The schedule is a wall calendar that tells you exactly what you need to be doing every day to stay on track towards your new body. Every row on the calendar is a new week. The schedule is divided into the three phases of the TapouT XT workout. Each phase is four weeks long. Every day on the calendar the workout you have to do is listed.


Things start out tough, but manageable on the schedule. Every day builds up in intensity and lists a different workout. Day seven of every week is a rest day. The idea behind the schedule is not just to keep you on track, but also to motivate you.


Everyday you complete the workout you put an “X” through the day. Soon you will see a string of “X’s” and they push you forward. Sometimes you don’t think you can make it another day, but you, as silly as it sounds, you don’t want to break your string of black “X’s”. The schedule pushes you like a physical trainer would, almost yelling at you.


Every time you complete an entire phase you feel a rush. Every four weeks you take a big step forward to your goal of an MMA worthy battle-hardened body. The only thing you have to keep you going is the schedule and your will power.


There are many TapouT XT schedules available. But the best ones are big. The bigger the better. You need to see your progress. Once you are in the middle of the program you will reach a point where you will look at your schedule and see all the “X’s”, you will see all the battles you have fought and won with your toughest opponent, yourself, and you will realize you are going to finish this thing. You understand that there is nothing that will make you break your streak. You are a champion and the completed schedule will be your trophy.

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