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Thanks for stopping in to read my review of TapouT XT. My name is Dave and I decided to start this website dedicated to my workout endeavors, particularly my experience with the new MMA workout program I started called TapouT XT. I’ve been a gym member for a number of years and have completed other home fitness workout programs but have always been a die-hard fan of the UFC and mixed martial arts sports. When I heard about a specific MMA workout program geared toward fitness-addicts like me, I decided to try it out. By writing about my experience with the program, I not only motivate myself by keeping track of my progress over the course of the 90-day workout program, I also feel like I’m helping others decide whether this program might be right for them. I hope you will be able to some useful information out of this site about what MMA Workouts are all about and how TapouT XT can change your life.

I’ll use the site to share my review of TapouT XT, but also talk about the different components of the workout including the workout schedule, meal plan and how it compares to other types of home workout programs like Insanity and P90x.

Overall, my experience with TapouT XT is everything I’ve hoped it would be and more. Not only have I built up my endurance and increased my strength, I’m doing the workouts alongside some of MMA’s most well known. During each workout, it’s like you’re training beside some of the best in the business. Real MMA fighters like Cowboy Cerrone, Chris Lytle, Meisha Tate and Ryan Bader are just of few of the pros that are featured in the TapouT XT workout videos. It’s pretty awesome and motivating to be getting ripped with the same guys I’ve been watching for years.

I’ve found that with the TapouT XT workout, I’ve virtually eliminated my need to go to the gym. I get all the cardio and strength training I need right here in front of my own television. And, the coolest thing is all of the equipment I need is sent right along with the 12 workout DVDs. That means I don’t have to spend any extra money buying weights or other equipment. Along with the videos you’re also going to get resistance bands for the strength portion of the workouts and a meal plan.

Honestly though, the real reason I recommend this workout program is because of the rapid-fire style workouts that leave you on an endorphin high for the rest of the day and being motivated by MMA’s best. You won’t regret making this workout a part of your life.

Here is the TapouT XT 90 day Workout Calendar and Schedule.

Tapout XT Schedule

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