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Typically when I decide to test out a new workout routine or workout regimen, I only focus on staying motivated to do the cardio workouts and concentrate on pushing my muscles to their limits during the strength portion. When I started the TapouT XT routine, I decided that since I’m writing about my experience with the workout that I would go all in and try out their meal plan as well. I wanted others to learn about the entire TapouTXT package from my experience.

Here you can read about my review of TapouTXT’s meal plan. Before deciding to do actually follow the meal plan I read other reviews of TapouTXT’s meal plan to see what I would be getting into. I’m not a guy who is a fan of counting endless calories, looking at fat content or analyzing nutrition labels. Doing those types of things is a lot of work that honestly I just don’t have time for, which is why I was concerned about how I would do following a strict meal plan. When I first starting comparing TapouT XT’s nutrition guide to other types of so-called diets, though I was happy to learn that this isn’t like a diet in the traditional sense of the word.

Since TapouTXT is created by professional MMA trainer, it’s clear that by doing this program, you aren’t here to join a dieting club, you are here to building a more healthy fighting machine: your body. And like any well-run machine, your body needs power. Food is that power. The nutrition program just focuses on putting better food in your mouth that will aid you in getting a more ripped body faster. So if you follow the TapouT XT’s nutrition guide you will be eating more healthy lean meats. You will also be eating more vegetables. Simple fact.

The good news with their plan, much like their workout program, is everything is laid out in a simple easy to read, easy to understand way. This isn’t rocket science folks, you’ll be provided a nutritional guide that will give you specific menus to make throughout your time participating in the 90-day workout. And, just like following the workout plan will help you burn more calories and get stronger, following the Meal Plan and Nutritional Guide will help give your body the essential nutrients it needs to keep on doing your workouts and promote building that healthy machine that is your body.

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