TapouT XT Workout Review

By on November 20, 2014

The past few years have seen an explosion of extreme style workouts designed to push people to the brink of human endurance and create tough and toned bodies. One of the most recent workouts is the MMA inspired TapouT XT Workout. The marketing for this workout both promises an amazing body if you complete it, and dares you to complete it without wanting to “tap out”.

The TapouT XT workout seems worthy of its MMA roots. It pushes you beyond physical pain. The workout does more than just build up muscle and physical endurance. This work out also builds mental toughness.

The program is divided into three four-week phases. The seventh day of every week is a rest day. If you aren’t crying tears of joy when you wake up and it’s a rest day, you haven’t been doing the program right.

The workouts for every day are a variety of MMA style fight moves and exercises. The idea is to teach you some real MMA style fight techniques while ripping your body apart and rebuilding it. TapouT XT has three different levels beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Even the beginner course is going to push most people to better fitness in 90 days.

TapouT XT is an all-inclusive program. It is the only workout you do for the length of the program. Trying to do more may result in serious injury. Though it is doubtful than most anyone would have enough stamina to even want to do more beyond this workout.

Some of the workout routines used throughout the program are Cross Core Combat and Sprawl and Brawl. There is also some intense Yoga XT mixed in most weeks.

The program comes with a series of DVD’s some light equipment, a food plan, and a schedule. One of the most important steps to completing the program is to use the schedule religiously and mark off every day that you complete a workout. The psychological reward of seeing your progress keeps many people going through the tough program.

TapouT XT is designed to not just build muscle, but to also burn fat, and tone muscles, especially abs.

Like every fitness product out these days there are three different packages to choose from. The basic package will probably be enough for most people. It includes the DVD’s and the resistance bands. The other two levels offer extras like more resistance bands, mats, weighted gloves, and special bonus DVD’s.

If you want to get into great shape and feel battle hardened. The TapouT XT Workout program is for you. It isn’t easy, but it works.

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