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Now we’re getting into the fun stuff. The workout. As I’ve mentioned throughout this site, I’m a big fan of home fitness programs in general and of Mixed Martial Arts, so TapouTXT is a natural fit for me personally. My review of TapouT XT’s workout is overwhelmingly positive. With that being said, I can also see why this program would get the approval of a wide range of people who are into fitness and want a challenging workout in the comfort of their home. The instructor and onscreen participants in the DVDs are excellent and while the workouts are challenging, it is easy to catch on quickly so you can get in an effective, sweat-inducing workout.

If you are considering buying this program, you are probably like me in that you are always looking for the next hot thing in fitness. Both men and women who want to lose weight and get sculpted muscles will benefit from this workout. If you enjoy combat-style training – punching, kicking and in general feeling like a badass, then you will especially this workout. As I mentioned, the workouts are extremely varied. One day you will work your legs and butt and another day you may focus on the core and building 6-pack abs. One of the reasons I like this program is because unlike other home fitness programs I’ve tried, with TapouT XT every day is different. The workouts are high-intensity so you know you are doing your body good and you don’t dwell too much on how much it hurts. You are also constantly motivated by the instructor, Mike Karpenko and the rest of the pro MMA fighters that do the workouts with you.

In my opinion, one of the best workouts of the bunch is the Muay Thai workout. Muay Thai is a fighting style that was created in Thailand and has continued to gain popularity here in the US as MMA and UFC fighting has grown. This is a 40-minute workout that focuses on MMA combat technique and you can expect to do a lot of striking exercises and knockout kicks. For strength training, the DVD workouts use resistance training to get your muscles ripped. The Strength and Force Upper and Ripped Conditioning videos don’t use weights or pull ups, but it will still leave your body quivering and knowing that you are building strength. Hope my review of TapouT XT’s workout has helped convince you to give it a shot for yourself.

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