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As I mentioned on the Home Page of this website, one of the reasons for my positive review of TapouT XT’s workout routine is because of the way the way the TapouTXT workout schedule is structured. When you order the TapouT XT extreme fitness program you are going to get everything you need delivered to your door to transform your body. Along with 12 workout DVDs that are going to get you drenched in sweat and ripped, you’re also going to get a TapouTXT workout schedule. For the duration of the 90-day workout program, the workout schedule is going to be your bible.

Here’s how the workout program is structured. Since this is a 90-day extreme home fitness program, you’re going to be doing a workout pretty much every day of the week, except for Sunday which is designated as your rest day. Your rest day can be any day of the week based on your schedule but for me Sunday was the most convenient. Yes, this program is intense and yes, you will see results.

Specifically, the program is divided up into three phases that are one-month long. Each phase is laid out visually for you in four week time periods. TapouT XT is so cool because the workout program is so easy to follow. All you have to do is look at the progress calendar they send you and do what it says to. If you do what’s on the list you are well on your way to a completely transformed body. Each week time period is laid out in calendar form and tells you exactly what you need to do for that day. The workout schedule rotates between a variety of different cardio routines and different strength routines. Some plyometric and yoga workouts are also thrown in for good measure. Since each DVD in the series focuses on a different body part or goal, each of your muscles get plenty of time to recover in between workouts.

As for the cardio workouts, TapouT XT’s creator and professional MMA trainer Mike Karpenko has built these workouts around the RIPP model. It stands for Rapid-Fire Interval Precision and Power. That means you are going through intense interval training that brings your heart rate up, through recovery stage and back down again. It’s proven to be one of the best ways to increase your metabolism and burn calories. For the cardio workouts you’ll be doing in this program, it’s not unheard of to burn as many as 1,200 calories

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